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What's So Great About Writing Anyway?

I'm sure you've noticed my lack of consistency when it comes to updating this blog thing. I'll just stand here with my arms open wide for a few secs so you can either judge me or hug me.

At first I was going to write a list of things that sucked about being a writer, but then I thought, why not go in the opposite direction? Why not do a Vince Gilligan and drop you into the unexpected? (That's my new thing by the way. Doing something unexpected is now called doing a Vince Gilligan because HOLY SHIT BREAKING BAD.)

There are still people in this world who don't understand how enriching literature really is. I know people who haven't read a book since their last English Literature class. I know people who laugh and say "fuck no" when you ask them if they like reading as if it's a weird thing to even suggest. I know people who have told me to do something better because my chances of getting published are slim. I know these people and I feel sorry for them, because they're missing out on so much.

If by chance, one of those people find their way to this blog, I have a few things I want to say to them about why writing is great. (Oh god, this whole thing is one big sub-tweet, isn't it?)

1. Stories have a way of connecting people in a way that's so damn beautiful. Think about the last book you read and the way it made you feel. Think about that one line that made you think "Damn, I can relate." Now think about the fact that people have read that line before you and after you, and they've all had that same thought. People you've never met are reading the same words you're reading and getting lost in the same world. Isn't that amazing? And imagine, if you were to bump into a complete stranger and talk to them about a book you've both read, you'd be connected. You'd know so much about them without even knowing who they are, just because you were connected to the same story. 

2. It's a satisfying and safe addiction. That's really what I call my passion for writing. It's my addiction because it's all I can think about. Writing is the white noise in my brain. If you could somehow slip into my mind and experience this addiction, you'd see flashing images, words dancing with each other, beautiful and horrible sounds battling for centre stage, and epic explosions. No matter what emotion I'm feeling, writing always puts it into a better perspective. If you want to know a writer, like, really know them, then read their fiction. You'll find a piece of them in every page, you just won't realise it.

3. Making stuff up is fun. Need I say more?