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Meet the Writer: Cesca Major

What is happening!?

Okay, listen up. Cesca is so cool. I feel cool for having her on my blog. Also, she's a teacher (History) so I'm a little scared of her too, but for the most part she's cool. Anyway, let's dive in and see what ticks in that wonderful brain of hers!

Q: We’re sitting on the same park bench, reading the same novel. You realize that being friends is pretty much inevitable at this point. Let’s get talking. Introduce yourself to me, but wait, there’s a plot twist. Introduce yourself like a five year old.

I am Cesca which is short for Francesca and I write words, love a glass of ice cold milk and love my family.

Q: What is true strength?

Not being afraid to branch out and back yourself even when the outcome isn't a certainty. Also being able to bench 440lb.

Q: Tell me more about yourself as a writer. What genre do you write? What inspires you to get to the last word? How personal is your writing?

I write literary/commercial fiction, or 'Book Club' reads - my latest is set in France in the 1940's and is based on a true story. I think a lot of people simply have "the bug". They have to write like others have to dance or paint, act or sing. I've written for 9 years, in different genres including short stories and have thoroughly enjoyed discovering a story and then trying to tell that story to others. My writing isn't personal - certainly not intentionally - in fact as a History teacher most of my ideas come from the people or events I've studied and not my personal experiences.

Q: Which fictional universe do you wish existed, Marvel or Pok√©mon? Explain yo’self!

They both sound terrifying in different ways. Marvel would mean Thor would exist for real though right..?

Q: Tell me the funniest joke you can think of right now. I want to snort with laughter.

What do you call a Polar Bear in the jungle?


*head in hands, etc*

Q: Okay, it’s time to get creative and stuff. Describe the color red to me without using the word red.

The colour of the night sky when you know the weather will be fabulous in the morning.

Q: If you could pick one fictional character to be your best friend, who would it be?

Harry Potter DEFFO. I know we would get into all sorts of near-death experiences and stuff but the pay-off would be HUGE. He could teach me how to do a patronus. I think mine would be in the shape of a chicken.

Q: Would you rather be stuck in a video game like Street Fighter and forced to battle, or a television screen where you exist in whatever show is on?

As long as I would win my battles I'd happily be stuck in Street Fighter. I'd be that girl in thigh high boots, thick eyeliner and a bad chick attitude. I would have a catchphrase in a foreign language which would confuse my opponents.

Q: A little boy walks up to you with a rock held out in the palm of his hand. He is smiling. You reach out to take the rock and gasp as it turns into a dragon right before your eyes. The boy doesn’t seem surprised or scared at all. The dragon pats him on the back, kisses his head and tells him to hurry or he’ll be late for school. The little boy scurries off and the dragon turns to you. It invites you over for tea and gossip. What happens next?

The dragon and I get on like a house on fire (*pauses to crack self up) and we agree to attend open auditions for the 4th series of the Game of Thrones. We get the role (obv) and make a mint in Hollywood after that with a spin-off season called 'My Dragon and Me'.

Q: Tell me about something hilarious that happened to you.

These things mostly happen in my head and my husband says I should stop talking about them in public.

Q: If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? What would be the main plot?

Oh no I would never do this, it would be terribly dull. The main plot would be how a girl from a small town (Portsmouth) spent years trying to be a writer and stuff. I would have to throw in a few of the made-up hilarious things to make it a decent read.

Q: If you could only bookmark six websites, which six would you choose?

Twitter, Novelicious, Zebedee Helm's blog, Facebook, Hotmail and Kemp Folds (Ross Kemp's face folded).

Q: Pretend I’m super demotivated about writing and can’t seem to get started. Inspire me. Make me excited about it!

It's fantastic, look at that blank page and you can do ANYTHING to ANYONE just with your mind and your pen (and an Earl Grey tea to hand).


If you're not already following Cesca on Twitter, I'll forgive you if you do it right now. Go on!

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