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Meet the Writer: Kristen Strassel


Now, I haven't known Kristen for long, but I can tell you what an awesome soul this woman is. In this interview she'll be talking about a bunch of stuff including her work in progress, Wonder Woman, and cartoons! Read on to find out what makes her so kick ass at what she does. 

1. Introduce yourself to me as if you’re picking me up at a bar.

What’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a dump like this? (pauses) Oh, you’re here to meet me? I guess I should tell you about myself then, since you risked your life and sat next to a guy named Churl to talk to me. I’m Kristen. I do makeup for film and commercials and in my spare time, I peddle vampire smut. I’m also learning how to pole dance. (winks)

2. Tell me about the book you’re working on. What makes this story special?

Currently I am working on We Own the Night, which is book three in the Night Songs Collection.
The rest of the books in the series so far can be read in any order, but this is the one that ties the stories all together and resolves all the problems, which makes it full of spoilers. Like I mentioned while I was chatting you up in question 1, I write about vampires, but I’m told it’s a whole new take on the concept. That’s what I set out to do, so I’m thrilled that it came across in the story.

3. If you could be any fictional character and live in their world for one day, who would you be and what would you do in their position?

I would like to be Wonder Woman. Not only does she look bad ass in that outfit, she has an invisible jet.

4. Describe yourself as a cocktail.

I’m one of those pink martinis with sugar on the rim. It takes sweet and goes down easy, but then you stand up and realize the world is spinning and you have lost control of the rest of the evening.

5. Tell me something embarrassing about your teenaged self that makes you cringe.

When I was about 16, I went to this party full of hot rocker boys, all way older than me.. I’d never really drank before, and my friend Krissi made me these vodka grapefruit drinks. Ok, there was a splash of grapefruit. I have no idea how many I had. When I stood up from the table, which was just me and a bunch of gorgeous guys, I promptly threw up all over my party clothes.

6. Share a random fact about yourself that not a lot of people know.

My current apartment is across the street from the apartment I grew up in.

7. Would you rather have two more arms, or eyes on the back of your head?

Could I try them both out? I have to bring a ton of stuff with me to work, so the arms would be awesome. As long as I didn’t have old lady bingo wings. But the extra eyes…I could drive like more of a maniac than I already do.

8. What’s your favorite piece of dialogue in any book you’ve ever read?

I can’t nail one specific one, but the early Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series made me laugh until I almost peed myself.

9. You wake up in a forest, surrounded by rabbits. One of them is wearing a leather jacket. He mutters something in Chinese to the others. Three little rabbits giggle and point. You scan your surroundings, first noticing that the trees are made of chocolate and the mud is chocolate mashed potato. What’s going on and what happens next?

Clearly, I reached food coma nirvana at Old Country Buffet. I’ll pick some mashed potatoes out of my cleavage then go out into the alley for a rabbit turf war.

10. What matters more to you, doing the right thing or doing things right?

I think in a way, it’s the same thing. If you’re doing the right thing, you’re doing it right. I don’t like to screw people over but I don’t like rules, either. You have to do things that are right for you.

11. Which personality is the most fun to write?

Bitchy. Hands down. All those things you want to say on a regular basis but you can’t because you don’t want to get your teeth knocked out, you can just create fictional bitches and work out all the knots.

12. Put your iTunes of shuffle and give me the first five songs that pop up. No skipping!

Antimatter Man—Man or Astro Man?

Misery Business—Paramore

Salute Your Solution—The Raconteurs

Crying—Roy Orbison

Hearts of Stone—Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

13. What were your favorite cartoons when you were a kid? Which cartoon character would you want as your best friend?

I loved Sesame Street and the Muppets. I know they’re puppets but they’re my favorite. If they ever make a movie about my life, I want Miss Piggy to play me. And I totally want to hang out with Bert and Ernie.

14. Would you rather be a superhero and live for one year, or a super villain and live forever?

I’m going to take the road less traveled on this one. Super villain that lives forever.

15. This is an open-floor question. You can either tell me more about your writing, or share an embarrassing story.

I already told you I puked on myself, what else do you want from me, woman?! All my embarrassing stories involve puke. So I guess I’ll tell you more about my writing.

I’m releasing 4 books in 10 months. It’s The Night Songs Collection. All of my vampire bands are based in Las Vegas, because Sin City is the perfect place for a bunch of badly behaved rockers to bite people for sport. I wanted to make vampires scary again, so I kept them as dark and raw as I could. I for the most part, kept with the classic vampire model, but they don’t need blood. They like it. It’s a sexual elixir that brings sex to an otherworldly level. My heroines aren’t the stereotypical strong, smarter-than-thou, snarky broads that you come across so often in contemporary novels. I’m sick of those bitches. My girls are real. They work with what they’ve got. They make mistakes, but they mean well. As much as you may want to smack them, you’ll probably sympathize with them. 


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