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The Return of the Doofus

It's funny (and kind of embarrassing) that my last blog post was about me returning from a disappearing act. I'll stand by and lower my head in shame while you all whisper to each other and shake your heads at me. I last posted in January, so you're probably wondering what the fuck I've been doing since then. Well, I fought in an apocalypse, saved a bunch of puppies from a dark lord, and drank a lot with Satan. You probably don't believe me, so let's just say I did a bunch of boring grown up things like editing, excessive sighing, baking, graduating (yup), and avoiding my grown up responsibilities.

Just in case you all bumped your heads and are now suffering from amnesia, I'll remind you of this terrible book I'm writing. Finding Elyssia is a terrible story about a terrible young woman who gets out of a terrible prison and attempts to put her terrible life together. She meets this terrible dude called Noah who likes her because she's a wreck (like him), but she doesn't want to be a wreck. Blah, blah, blah. Stuff happens. Other stuff happens. It's all messy and terrible. The end.

I finished drafting the story a couple of months ago, and recently got my editing notes back from the most awesome beta readers in the whole goddamn universe. Next Monday, I'll start rewriting and editing the book until it's as epic as I can possibly make it. Then I'll start looking for an agent.

Wish me luck and LOTS OF COFFEE.

Today's Writing Playlist Recommendation: