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Stuff That's Happening And Other Things

As you can tell, I'm getting pretty good at disappearing acts (and then returning with lengthy apology letters). Honestly? I just love apologising. That's why I drop off the radar so frequently. Just fucking love apologising, man.

This year has been one hell of a ride. It started off being one of the worst years ever, but then things turned around (like they always do) and now I'm pretty cool with where I'm at. My close friends will tell you (if they haven't already) that I spent most of my time in 2015 scheduling lunches with them and then spending hours going off on social justice rants (my other favourite thing to do, after apologising). Much to their relief, I'm working at Plan UK now so I have less opportunities to chew their ears off and more opportunities to actually contribute to society (woohoo). 

What else? What else? WHAT ELSE?

Oh yeah. Finding Elyssia (that book I finished last year) is finally seeing the light of day. I'll admit, I ignored it for a while (terrified of rejection blah blah blah) but I've put it in my calendar to get the damn thing out to agents in the next two months. And as always, I give you all permission to punch me in the face if I don't keep my word. I promise you all and myself, Finding Elyssia is going out and I'm going to do my fucking best. 

If you're following my twitter, you've probably seen my tweets about doing National Novel Writing Month this year (unless you muted me, haha ha ha *whispers* I'll find you). I know, I'm a crazy shit for participating. I don't know why I do this to myself. Nova is the novel I'm writing next month. At first, the idea was to wing it with nothing but a main character and genre in mind, but honestly, that's a stupid idea. As much as I like the idea of pantsing, I'm not sure if it's a good idea when I have to write 50,000 WORDS IN ONE GODDAMN MONTH. I did some planning the past couple of weeks with my 13 year old niece and decided it'll be a YA novel about four "unconventional" young people who make a pact to confront their parents about something life-changing in the morning. They decide to live the night before doing things they've always wanted to do and living like it's their last night on Earth, because they don't know what their lives will be in the morning. I'm really excited to write this one, because (as always) it's personal to me and I'm looking forward to writing about topics that desperately need representation. 

The idea of Nova was inspired by "Badlands," a concept album by the incredible Halsey. I'm hoping to get the story into her hands in February 2016 (I'll blog about that closer to the time). In the meantime, visit her website and listen to her badass music. This human being is wonderful and her art is a goddamn revelation. BUY HER MUSIC. FOLLOW HER TWITTER. STALK HER (please don't stalk her). DREAM ABOUT HER (not that you'll have a choice. This is getting weird).

Here are epic photos of Halsey on her Badlands tour:

"I sold my soul for a three-piece of chicken nuggets. And they told me I was holy."

Last thing: I did a podcast with the awesome Joshua Pantalleresco (I interviewed him last week, check it out). I'm Episode 10 so I'll blog about that closer to Christmas when it's up. It's my first ever podcast (hopefully not my last) so I'm both excited and nervous about hearing it! I have no clue what came out of my mouth so we all have that to look forward to! I'm hoping I didn't say anything to incriminate myself (ha). The podcast will give you a better insight into me as a writer, and of course, what the hell Nova is and why I'm so passionate about this story. 

If you've made it this far down the page, thank you so much for reading my nonsense. I won't be running any interviews until NaNoWriMo ends but get in contact if you want to be on the list! I'll try to be more active (and funny) on twitter until then! 

Today's Writing Playlist Recommendation:

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