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Meet The Writer: Erin Traylor

Umm, what did I just walk in on?

I've only known Erin for a couple of weeks and already she's starting to become one of my favourite people. I mean, when you read the interview you'll understand. Her way of speaking, nay writing, is sharp and poetic and I invite you all to be jealous of her talents with me. Welcome to the land of Destructo Girl, Erin. Let the interview begin!


Welcome to the crazy world of Meet the Writer, Erin. I’m assuming this is your first writing-themed interview, and so I’d just like to say you’re sort of famous now. If you could tell the whole world one thing about you, and let’s say this is the only thing the world would know about you, what would you say?

Wow, only one thing? I think this interview began with the hardest possible question. I suppose I’d want the world to know that it is in my nature to never give up trying to love.

Have you posted any writing online before? And are you working on publishing something, or is this writing thing just something you do for fun?

I have been lucky enough to be published in a few online and print journals, including Germ Magazine, Permafrost Magazine, Red Earth Review, Cheat River Review, Firefly Magazine, and Cactus Heart. I have always written for fun, and it’s my goal to keep writing for fun and to continue to get published in the journals I love!

Time for an evil challenge: Describe the colour red without using the word red. And just to make it harder for you (because I’m an asshole), you can’t say things like “the colour of an apple” or “the colour of your gran’s face when you walk in on her reading 50 shades of grey.” Sorry, that was specific and not at all a true story. Uh, GO!

Hmm, I’d like to avoid even the word “color.” I will write to evoke the feeling of “red” in general.

Here, the way her lips draw
closer and you become a silk
ribbon unraveling.

So, if you read my “About” section (up there somewhere), you likely saw me mention that if I ever get famous, I’m going to be friends with Kristen Stewart (because it’s going to happen and DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME NOT TO DREAM). I’m interested in knowing if there’s someone famous you’d want to be friends with if you ever became a well-known person.

Um, ELLEN PAGE because she is so intelligent and lovably awkward.

What inspires you to write stuff? And what do you do when inspiration doesn’t come easy?

My relationships with people definitely inspire me. If I’m falling in love, the poetry flows almost too fast for me to keep up with it. But my friendships also inspire my writing. I write a lot about my best friends, or my family. The trick for me is I have to feel mostly happy to feel inspired. Some people find they write best when they’re sad, but I don’t. I create my best work when I’m in a good place emotionally. When inspiration doesn’t come easy, I just forgive myself for the imminent crappy writing and write anyway.

This question kind of links to the one above; how influenced are you by other people’s art? Whether it’s music, actual art, movies and so on. Do you find yourself ever building up on existing concepts or do you like your writing to be as original as it can be?

I am always inspired by other’s work! Sometimes I take note of a certain poem’s style and try to write my own in imitation, as a sort of exercise. Then, as I reread and revise, the poem sort of morphs into my own original piece that I would have never discovered has I not tried to mimic another’s writers pattern. As an example, Jeanann Verlee wrote a poem in which she repeats “I’m sorry,” over and over, and lists the things she’s sorry for. I did my own version of this, but through editing the poem became something totally new. I also take notes on my iPhone of things I find interesting from another person’s work, whether it be a single word I think is nifty, or a whole concept.

This is my favourite question to ask. It’s role-play time! The rule is that you answer the following question acting as a character you’ve created: What’s the point of anything?

“Good question. Now hold my coffee while I adjust the sail.”

I just realised I’ve been bombarding you with some serious interrogation-style q’s and I should probably ask you something silly now, just so people don’t get the impression that I’m actually a mature person. Do you think pigeons are happy? (I genuinely wonder about this. Don’t ask.)

I think they are absolutely happy. With iridescent wings, how could you not be?

I asked my previous interviewee this and I’m dead-set on it becoming a permanent question for every interview. If you could recommend one book to everyone on Earth and you knew we were all definitely going to read it, what book would you suggest and why does the world need this story?

This is a great question. I love so many books, it’s hard to choose. I would have to suggest one of my all-time favorites, however, “Bridge to Terabithia.” It’s a book for all ages, and its just pure magic. Maybe I should suggest a book that would inform people or somehow enlighten them, but instead, I’m choosing one that will awaken their imagination. Don’t watch the movie. It sucked. Read the book.

Reveal an embarrassing secret and/or memory about yourself. Don’t ask why. Just do it so we can laugh at you. Do it for our smiles. DO YOU NOT LIKE SMILES, ERIN?

WHERE DO I BEGIN? I humiliate myself daily. I’ll tell you a bizarre memory. When I was a little girl I used to stand in front of my mother’s bathroom mirror and stare at my reflection and repeat the words “I am me,” over and over until I felt like I wasn’t even in my body anymore, and that my reflection was a separate person. I would only do this when no one was home. It was weird. 


If you enjoyed getting to know this wonderfully creative lady then head over to her twitter @erinmichelle_tr and bug her for the top secret links to her online journals. Hold her cat husband hostage if she doesn't cough 'em up. 

Destructo Girl OUT!