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NaNoWriMo, Bad Girls and Jessica Motherfuckin' Jones

This month has been absolutely insane and busy. There was that NaNoWriMo thing I did (and somehow miraculously won last night), my first ever podcast interview by the cool Joshua Pantalleresco is out on Friday, I’m starting my writer interviews again, Finding Elyssia is being birthed into the world (you’re welcome for the visual of someone giving birth to a book), and last but not least, I have a new obsession and her name is Jessica Motherfuckin’ Jones. So yeah, this time I’m not pretending to be busy (cough cough) because I ACTUALLY AM.

Last night was a goddamn miracle. 10k words in just a few hours. I honestly don’t know how I managed to do it. The whole thing is a blur. Somehow I managed to get my 50k in just as the clock hit 11:59 and I won??? Now all I can think about is sleep because my brain has clocked out and I keep forgetting how to words.

I don’t know if this is exclusively a writer thing or a general artist problem, but I kind of don’t want to take Nova further, but then I kind of do. Basically, I’m kind of confused. What usually drives me to write a story is the fact that I am in love with the characters and to me, they’re real people. Take Finding Elyssia for example; that book consumed my life since the moment I wrote the first word. I still think about the characters, and I keep having forum-type discussions in my head with myself about their character development and their histories and what drove them to do what they did in the story. 

Elyssia is a complex, morally ambiguous character who is kind to people but also enjoys punching them in the face. She’s a mess and I adore her. I don’t feel that way about Nova and it’s probably because I’ve only known her a month but right now, Finding Elyssia is stuck in my brain. So maybe one day I’ll pick up Nova again and make something of it, but right now I’m pretty set on what my focus is. I need to get Finding Elyssia out there. And I need to write about these characters again. Elyssia with her narcissism and inappropriate humour; Noah with his psychopathic tendencies and obsession with controlling people; Elizabeth with her dark childhood secrets and addiction to violence. Dammit, what a bunch of assholes I've created.

Now onto the important thing (not that winning a 50k writing challenge and looking for an agent for my novel isn't important). Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones. JESSICA JONES (mild spoilers ahead). If you haven’t watched that show, let me tell you right now that you have to watch it. Go right now. Fuck it, just close this tab and get your butt on Netflix. I honestly do not have the words to express how important that show is. Jessica is everything I've tried to make Elyssia and Kilgrave is Noah with friggin' mind control. Finding Elyssia is basically a novel-length Jessica Jones fan fiction. 

Anyway, the show. The show. Goddamn, the way the writers handle Jessica’s PTSD and the fate of her rapist, Kilgrave, is astonishing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on screen put that much effort into showing us the victim's side like this show has. And the fact that Jessica’s powers aren’t in your face. She’s just this woman dealing with something terrible that happened to her and she just happens to also have powers. She's vulnerable but that doesn't make her weak in the slightest. She's a goddamn hero who doesn't think she deserves to be called one but knows that's exactly what she is. And she fucking cares, man. She cares a lot. And the fact that she can still kick ass (even with broken ribs digging into her goddamn liver, I mean what the fuck). 

I mean, even the comics just ugh. Look at this!

Please note: If you do decide to take my recommendation and give it a watch, just know that the main story deals with sexual violence and the word rape is used a lot, so watch with caution. There's never actually any rape on-screen and the topic is handled very, very well. Still, please take care of yourself if this is something you want to avoid.

Touching on before: I’ve decided to write a prequel to Finding Elyssia about Elyssia and Elizabeth’s toxic relationship and the events that lead up to Elyssia’s arrest. Watching Jessica Jones and seeing the similarities between her story and mine has just made me fall in love with my book again and I want to explore my characters deeper and really get into their gritty, fucked up pasts. I have so many ideas and I promise you I'm not going to filter any of them. This book is going to make you so uncomfortable (which my readers for some reason love -- bunch of weirdos). 

And so, the name of my next badass psychological thriller is... 

I decided to name it after one of my favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes because Buffy & Faith are friendship goals. It will have an unnecessary amount of violence, an even more unnecessary amount of profanity, and lots of inappropriate humour. The main theme will be about an abusive friendship between the two main characters because I think abusive friendships don’t have enough representation. I want to show people that you can be abused by friends too and it is never okay just because they call themselves your friend. (But hey look, don’t hold this idea against me because there is a possibility that my excitement will die down and I’ll chase another idea. Goddamn writers, eh? Bunch of idiots we are.)

New addition to my writing playlist courtesy of Jessica Jones.

PEACE OUT, MOTHERLOVERS (because yes loving your mother is cool).