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Meet the Writer: Trivarna Hariharan

I write tales. He chases tails. We're like family.

After a short break from blogging, I'm back with a line-up of awesome, talented writers who I'm eager to share with the rest of the world! And of course, for my first interview of 2016 I interviewed the brilliant, articulate and creative Trivarna Hariharan. Read it and weep, fools.


Welcome to my crazy and random world of writers, Trivarna. Writing is soul-sucking but at the same time it gives you butterflies. What do you think writers are driven by and more importantly, what drives you?
Everything. I really can’t mention one thing or two. There’s so much around you that needs to be talked about. That’s one question I am sure all creators find difficult to answer. Perhaps we’re pulled by externalities, or perhaps it’s something about the process itself that drives us towards it. Freud boiled the drive down to a defence mechanism. It’s that, but it’s also about the thrill of exploring a territory you’ve never ventured into before. It’s about seeking and living in the unknown, and making yourself known through it.

Tell me about the stuff you create. What’s your favourite thing to write about?
I write poetry and prose. But I don’t like to be contoured by genres, styles or formats. I firmly believe that art is as fluid as you want it to be, and therefore don’t have a strict check over how I am writing. For me, it’s quite spontaneous. I like to address what catches my attention at that point. I like to write about life, people, places. Places that intrigue me, make me take notice of them. People who tell me their stories. There’s inspiration at every step, if you look for it.

You win a one-way ticket to Mars and can take any famous person, living or not, as a companion. Who do you take?
Agatha Christie, most definitely. I’d really like to know how she managed to pull off writing all the books she did, with such wit. She was a genius.

Do you think people are born good, or born bad but are conditioned to be good?
Good question. The idealist in me would believe that everyone’s inherently good, always, no matter what. But I really, really wouldn’t like to think that people tend to cover their badness with a coat of humanity, or like you say, condition themselves to be good.

What’s your favourite sentence from a book that has stuck in your mind?
“I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever, but I also knew she wouldn’t be forever Lolita.” - Lolita

Technology: good or bad?
Both! I can’t imagine the world without technology, but at the same time, I am aware of the ramifications of the over-use of technology.

What are you passionate about? What gets your heart pumping and your brain buzzing with excitement whenever you think about it? 
All kinds of art. I love art. Also, astrology. I am so obsessed with zodiac signs.

Would you rather live in a world ruled by cats or or one ruled by dogs?
One ruled by dogs, simply because I like dogs better.

Do you think your life would make an intriguing film? Why? And who would play you?
I don’t know if my life would make an intriguing film, but I’d LOVE to see Meryl Streep play me. That would be A DREAM COME TRUE. I think she’s legendary. She can literally essay any role.

You cut through an alley. The walls are covered in neon signs. The array of bright colours light up your skin. There is a clown waiting at the other end. He’s holding a balloon in one hand and a knife in the other. What happens next?
I go towards him, he gives me the knife and forces me to pop the balloon with it. I guess I do it, because popping a balloon has always been a little bit of a phobia and I’d love to overcome it.


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