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Brain Dump: 2016 So Far

So, you're probably wondering (or probably not) where and why I keep disappearing. I have a habit of popping up, making a hilarious mess and then making a rapid exit from the fast-paced world of social media. I have the attention span of a sponge. You're probably thinking, "but Saaaaaaaam, sponges don't have attention spans." Exactly. 

I've dropped the Meet the Writer segment for the foreseeable future. My query letter is done and I need to start focusing on sending my drivel out. I can almost taste the rejections. 

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet, rejection *sobs*

Anyway, Brain Dump is something I'm going to do from now on. Every now and again, I'll collate my most pressing thoughts into one post and just throw it out there. My brain dumps won't have any consistency and there isn't a theme. I'll just say whatever I need to say, whenever I want to say it, and you'll have no idea when I'll post. It could be 3am. It could be never. This might be the first and last you ever hear of it. Isn't that exciting?

Sooo, what has happened in 2016 so far? 

The Job

I'm almost six months into the new job and I love it. For a socially awkward sponge like me, it's actually quite nice being surrounded by friendly feminists everyday. I could go on and on about how great my professional life is. I do miss running my workshops though -- you never get tired of working with bright kids! 

Mental Health



Yes -- it deserves it's own heading because Netflix is killin' it. House of Cards is back and damn, it's so violent and disconcerting. I love it. And then of course, there's the new Netflix original "Love" starring Gillian Jacobs. Aaaaaand, Daredevil is returning soon. Hell to the yes.


I saw the incredible Halsey and B├śRNS a couple weeks back. I'm still struggling to find the words to describe how beautiful that whole experience was. Ashley is so, so, so goddamn talented and...flawless. 

Melissa McBride

I consider this one of the coolest things that has happened to me. I bumped into Melissa Mcbride (Carol in the Walking Dead) in London. Don't be fooled by her kind face like I was. Her deadpan humour will leave you sitting at the bus stop feeling very, very confused. She's brilliant.

Writing Stuff

I've started making random notes for Bad Girls (my next project). The next step is to completely immerse myself in different music to find the right sound for my book. Once I pinpoint that, inspiration will hit me like a kick to the gut. A beautiful kick to the gut. 


As I mentioned, after two solid months of crafting and crying simultaneously, my query letter is done and ready to move out. It's time. I probably won't say much about it during the process so hopefully the next update you get on this will be good news!

Last but not least

??? (write something witty and edgy)

Also, check my out playlist tab to see this month's top 5 writing songs!

Destructo Girl OUT!