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Brain Dump: 2017 So Far

Ah, we meet again, my non-existent fan base. I come in chaos. I mean peace! 

I come in peace

I've been pretty invisible the past few months and so I thought I'd dump a little brain on ya in form of a brain dump (that sounds a lot less clever now that I'm typing it and I feel like there's some inappropriate subtext I'm too tired to figure out). 

Admit it, you missed my shitty sense of humour. 

Shh, I know you did. I know. 

So, before I dig an even deeper hole and bury my reputation as a sane person there, listen up kids! You know the drill. I haven't updated you on my doings in a while. I imagine you all sitting at your desks these past few months, constantly refreshing my homepage, desperate for something. Anything. 

Fear not, awesome humans. Your prayers have been heard, and I now just realised I'm tooting my horn waaay too much and holy fuck I just realised what tooting my own horn actually means.

Without further ado, let's get to the good stuff. Actually, good might be overselling it a bit. Let's get to the stuff!

The Job

In my 2016 brain dump, I was six months into my job and had nothing but good things to say about the charity I work for and the people I'm surrounded by. That has not changed at all. This place is amazing and the people are amazing-er (I know that's not a word, but dammit nothing else sounds as good). 

Mental Health

Oh damn. I should probably do something about that, at least just so I have something to write under this header. (Or I could swiftly remove it like a backspace ninja and hope that nobody reads this stuff anyway.)



The Internet 

Please for the love of God, listen to this band. Revel in the amazing grooves and falsettos in their album "Ego Death." Buy the vinyl and cuddle it while you sleep. Buy it for your friends. Buy it for your parents. Buy it for your creepy neighbour who pretends he's not watching from the window but you can see the curtain twitch. Also, can I just shamelessly plug in here that I met Syd (the lead vocalist)? She welcomed me into her arms with the biggest smile on her face and I think we're going to move in together. 

Cigarettes After Sex

I can't review this band. I saw them live and held back tears while Greg (the lead singer) beautifully sung the simple symphonies of "Nothing's gonna hurt you, baby," as he stared into my eyes. This band gives me serious Buffy vibes. Whenever I listen to them, I'm instantly transported to the Bronze, swaying to the music with all the other Sunnydale kids. 

Writing Stuff

Can I just say here that I have the most bad-ass writing mentor? Her name is Kameron Hurley. Check her shit out. Buy her books. She helped me rewrite my query letter and I finally sent it out after clutching it to my chest for over a year. So far I've had two rejections (woo). While I wait for more responses I'm looking into writing articles and posts for feminist websites / magazines. It's okay, there's enough of my nonsense to go around.

Last but not least

??? (write something witty and edgy)

Also, check my out playlist tab to see this month's top 5 writing songs!

Destructo Girl OUT!